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  • Electronic On-Board Recording (EOBR)
    Automatically tracks the driver’s duty status and notifies drivers and dispatchers of impending violations.  Fleet managers receive automatic updates on duty status, driving time and remaining hours of service.



  • Navigation
    Allows drivers to input vehicle parameters and route prefereces; includes millions of Points of Interest (POIs) including truck services, truck stops, rest areas, weigh stations and CAT scales.  Displays at-a-glance text instructions and a large arrow indicating your next turn, substantially minimizing driver distraction in the cab, while improving driver safety by encouraging “hands free” directions.


  • Critical Event Recording
    Monitors hard-braking, driver-initiated alerts and key on-board sensor data.  Sends near real-time alerts when critical events occur.  Collects on-board second-by-second sensor data before, during, and after an event.  Records objective information safety managers can use when coaching drivers.  Delivers graphical satellite-images and hybrid maps of incident locations with its GPS fleet tracking capability.


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